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double core — double fun!

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Duck & Cover Duo
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Smell better and make more friends.

Early life and Japan

slice-where-you-like PIE

OMG guess who's gay?
ona scale of 2 to 7

You saw PINK FLOYD? I'm so jealous of you. You suck.

we enslaved elves to build our death machine

dead girls don't say "no"

Jesus, again?

life is a lemon and I want my money back

ЗАО ''Международная
академия меганауки''

'Six-String Samurai'
The best movie you've never seen.

you know what's kind of fucked up? baby oil. man, if i ever have a kid, i am going to really milk the mileage on announcing "excuse me, i have to go oil up my baby now." and also, "i hate a baby that's not thoroughly lubed. so squeaky and resistant." it would also be cool if someone made it in a WD40-type canister. maybe i will get an oilcan, for my baby's OIL.

Acid, of course, had something to do with it, but I suspect Cutler was a bit like Obelix, dipped in hallucogenics at birth. Rather than chemicals, he reached his astonishingly original images and scenarios by writing very late at night, when very sleepy. (This is something else he shares with Kafka.)

I wish my lawn was emo so it would cut itself

Sir Manstrubate in Front of Raging Alligators

I mean “adult” as a synonym for “fucking”, of course.

99% of everything is crap
anal cunt (пимпочка!), e3, electronic entertainment expo, game developers' conference, gdc, joseph heller — еврей, kri, market research, primus, synthesizer guidebook, videogame industry, videogames, void_mazun, ВЫ — ЧУДО!, Даша Порева, КРИ, Конференция Разработчиков Игр, Пелевин_мудак_гений_любитель_пельменей, Примус, Рэп — это калл!, Саша Чёрный, Стас-Дюша-Костик, антидтф, байкер Наташа, бляхтунг, детское порно, изображать сОт0ниста, индирокговно, интеллект — говно!!!, иркутский культ фаллоса, контркультурность, красивые_девушки_романтика, мозги навыверт (чужие), наняться в рабство, норки нараспашку, обратный осмос, парадидлы, парадилды — double fun!, пассивная зоофилия, постонанизм, путешествия_стихи_читать_онанировать_романтика, самоуправление-экология-научность!, свечи_вино_ужин_романтика, торговля смыслами, ходить с комбиком

Social capital

  • less than 10